Incendies : A powerful film with a shattering plot twist

This is the post excerpt.


From its captivating opening to its chilling and almost nauseating conclusion, Dennis Villeneuve’s Incendies is a powerful and emotional film with shots and scenes leaving one dazed. The film makers portrayed utmost cruelty yet understood and respectfully displayed the plight of each character and their inter-connecting paths.
incendiesfilmposterThe movie starts with a slo mo sequence of ¬†little, fearless boys getting their heads shaved at what seems like a middle east refugee camp with Radiohead’s eearie¬†You and whose army? It ends with a boy fixating the camera with an unsettling stare as he gets his head shaved.

Watch the opening sequence right here:



Lebel, a notary Jeanne and Simmon are summoned by their recently deceased mother’s notary, Lebel

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